Increase in India's Garment Export to USA

India's garment exports to United States of America has grown during last three years. If we compare with top big exporting countries to USA including Bangladesh, Vietnam and China, we see a decline in the same period. India has not only increased in export but also expanded the market share. The average per square meter of apparel exported to USA from India has risen whereas during the same period China has reported a fallen by 13%, Bangladesh is dropped with 11%, Vietnam recorded 9% of fall at the same parameters. 

Because of rising labor costs in China, apparel manufacturers face tough competition which has resulted in fall. Speaking on the report with India's leading full service private label clothing manufacturer and exporter -Billoomi Fashion Pvt. Ltd., we have been informed that Indian apparel manufacturers are becoming compliant to US norms in terms of product quality, labor condition and other aspects of international trade. However there is an additional cost of being compliant with US market demand, but it is seen that US buyers are willing to compensate for this by paying bit higher prices.

As per report, the manmade garments such as winter wear and other specialised garments have garnered higher value in USA than cotton-based garments. Comparing with China which lost market share by 380 basis points to 38.2% between year 2014 to year 2017, the market share of India rose by 80 basis points to 4.5%.

Billoomi Fashion has been known for world-class custom clothing manufacturing services and USA has been the major market for the company where they export 50% of their total production. Discussing further on the report, company shared that Billoomi Fashion has been the most preferred Kids Garment Manufacturers for their US clients since inception of the garment factory. They're expecting further development in the given figures. The trade relations between India and USA is very strong and over the years importers of USA have shown great trust due to quality output of Billoomi Fashion backed with ethical business credentials of the company.


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