Where do apparel companies source their tags or labels?

The most popular destination is Guangdong Province in Southern China. Big labels all have sourcing companies they have hired or, more likely, have an office in Hong Kong themselves, which is just over the border.
There are hundreds of these factories to choose from and most don't have very good customer service. They will have their numbers listed in online directories such as Globalsourcing or Alibaba. But their samples and product information will be full of google translated information. Not very comforting, I know. I've been in the situation many times over where the best factory is usually the least amenable to new customers. There's a very good reason for this: they don't need new business. All their important customers come from referrals.
There are alternatives actually.  They offer the same factory options as those you'll see listed on the sites mentioned above but the big difference is, you'll have a live agent on the site to guide you through the process. The best part of dealing with a label company who does labels for big brands but doesn't treat you like a small fry is that they will help you grow into the big brand label.

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